Welcome to the ThinkOpen Git repositories.

NOTE: This code is all licensed under the GPL v3 and AGPL v3.

The Bangor Autoglosser code may or may not work for you (note that the manual is several months out of date, and no longer reflects the code). Once the main outline of the code is fixed, the manual will be revised to make the Bangor Autoglosser easier to install and use.

To clone the Autoglosser repository, install Git and then run: git clone http://thinkopen.co.uk/git/autoglosser. Note that cloning will take around 12 minutes to download over 100Mb.

To download files from the ESRC Centre Bangor's Siarad, Patagonia and Miami corpora, try the following:

  1. click the name of the corpus in the file list
  2. click tree in the menu bar (second line from the top)
  3. click beta in the file list
  4. click the name of the file you want to work on
  5. right-click the name of the file in the path (e.g. [patagonia]/beta/patagoniaXX.cha)
  6. select Save As, rename the file as necessary, and save the file to your machine

Kevin Donnelly


Project Description Owner Last Change
autoglosser Autoglossing for CHAT files. 3 weeks ago
siarad2 Second edition of Siarad (Welsh/English) corpus (in progress). 8 days ago
gaidhlig An autoglosser for Gàidhlig. 7 months ago
siarad ESRC Centre: Siarad (Welsh-English) corpus. 12 months ago
andika Tools to allow Swahili to be written in Arabic script. 17 months ago
konjugator A conjugator for Welsh verbs (now part of eurfa.org.uk) 4 years ago
miami ESRC Centre: Miami (Spanish-English) corpus. 2 weeks ago
segmenter A segmenter for Swahili verbs. 3 years ago
patagonia ESRC Centre: Patagonia (Welsh-Spanish) corpus. 10 months ago
maori An autoglosser for Māori. 7 months ago