2014-03-24 Florian Breit EOL of files in florian/ from \r\n to \n, and removed... master
2014-03-09 Florian Breit Current versions of files in florian/
2014-03-09 Florian Breit - Fixed array indices called without quotes.
2014-02-11 donnek Edits to cylist
2014-02-11 donnek Merge branch 'mybranch'
2014-02-11 donnek One file
2014-02-11 donnek Various edits
2013-08-03 donnek Other stuff
2013-08-03 donnek Cognate, clause and insertion work
2013-01-25 donnek List of files to be reglossed
2012-07-28 donnek Clause analysis improvements. Mixed model improvements.
2012-07-28 donnek Florian citation
2012-07-27 donnek Disso scripts
2012-07-27 donnek Talkbank packaging
2012-06-26 donnek Improve mixed model. Delete classes of words. Silence...
2012-06-18 donnek Mixed model analysis
2012-05-12 donnek Generate clause data for variation analysis. Utilities
2012-03-26 donnek Clause-splitting. Collapse autogloss [or]s.
2012-02-02 donnek Selectively silence audiofiles. Convert files from...
2012-01-19 donnek Translator format. Manual edit system.
2011-12-09 donnek Precode fixes, codeswitch counting refinements, read...
2011-11-25 donnek Additional cognates files.
2011-11-24 donnek Concordance for words. Show diffs of autogloss.
2011-11-06 donnek New method for tracking codeswitches.
2011-11-04 donnek Amendments to tex, cognates, clauses. Addition of...
2011-09-14 donnek Find/correct global typos. CSV version of trigram...
2011-08-24 donnek Make global changes. Add empty %eng tier. Fix import...
2011-08-06 donnek Gather unknowns, pick out trigrams, generate word-index
2011-07-14 donnek Revise preparation and import process to handle Miami...
2011-06-27 donnek Recreate create_cgwords.php
2011-06-27 Kevin Donnelly Changes for MC project
2011-06-27 donnek File prep now fixes typos where no space precedes the...
2011-06-22 Kevin Donnelly Riga paper
2011-06-22 donnek Riga paper
2011-06-19 Kevin Donnelly MC queries
2011-06-19 Kevin Donnelly Beginning morph collection
2011-06-13 donnek Sarah's notes
2011-06-13 donnek Oslo dbs
2011-06-13 donnek Revised dictionaries
2011-06-11 donnek Revised dictionaries
2011-06-11 donnek MOR comparison, cognates, etc
2011-05-24 donnek Clauses data
2011-05-19 donnek Added GPL notice to main files.
2011-05-19 donnek Basic clause-splitting for Spanish and English
2011-05-15 donnek Fixed clar splits in cylist
2011-05-15 Kevin Donnelly Riga presentation
2011-05-08 donnek cg2011 presentation
2011-05-07 donnek Scripts to automate converting and autoglossing an...
2011-05-05 donnek Revised clause-splitter to v0.3. Adjusted sequence...
2011-05-02 donnek Revisions to clause-splitter. New file-sampling method...
2011-04-19 donnek Initial work on clause-splitter for Welsh
2011-04-11 donnek Compare auto adn human glossing. Break surface into...
2011-03-26 donnek Changes to allow @cym...
2011-03-15 donnek Revised Welsh dictionary
2011-03-15 donnek Additional rules for Welsh
2011-03-15 donnek Removed output files
2011-02-24 donnek Gather unknown words. Changes to Welsh autoglosser.
2011-02-22 donnek Store and write cha file headers. Fix regressions...
2011-02-17 donnek More minor changes
2011-02-17 donnek Minor changes
2011-01-24 donnek Updated dictionaries after POS changes.
2011-01-24 donnek Further CG changes. Enable typesetting of .cha files...
2011-01-12 Kevin Donnelly Notes
2011-01-12 donnek CG changes again
2011-01-12 donnek CG changes after the POS changes
2011-01-10 donnek New dictionary POS tags and revised Spanish grammar
2010-12-28 donnek Tidying
2010-12-28 donnek Allow use of new CLAN default scheme, and import of...
2010-12-15 donnek Scripts to allow conversion to new CLAN default (with...
2010-12-15 donnek Completed changes to allow handling of new CLAN default...
2010-12-15 Kevin Donnelly Changes to handle new CLAN default
2010-12-15 donnek Changes to dictionaries.
2010-12-13 donnek Generating conversation profiles
2010-12-13 donnek Additional CG rules.
2010-12-13 Kevin Donnelly Generate language profile for each utterance
2010-12-08 Kevin Donnelly Generate conversation profile
2010-12-06 Kevin Donnelly CG rules
2010-12-06 donnek Expanded CG rules for Spanish and English; changes...
2010-12-01 Kevin Donnelly Edits of grammar rules
2010-11-27 donnek Db and file additions
2010-11-27 donnek Signed-off-by: donnek <>
2010-11-22 Kevin Donnelly Tools to log unknown words
2010-11-22 donnek Improvements to Spanish grammar, etc.
2010-11-09 donnek VCS changes demo
2010-11-09 donnek Changes to allow English lookup
2010-11-09 donnek VCS demo
2010-11-01 donnek Rationalise dbs.
2010-11-01 donnek Fixes, addition of code to handle %gra tier, revisions...
2010-10-11 Kevin Donnelly Fis for apostrophes disappearing in import; revisions...
2010-10-04 donnek Fixes to import process
2010-10-04 Kevin Donnelly Docs changes
2010-09-11 donnek Refactoring of the Welsh dictionary
2010-09-07 donnek Modular lookups for the new cohort writing github/master
2010-09-07 donnek Changes to how the output file is written
2010-08-30 donnek On-the-fly clitic segmentation and lookup
2010-08-23 donnek Automatically create dummy cleaning functions for sub...
2010-08-21 donnek Fixes to allow import of files with MOR sub-tier; delet...
2010-08-20 donnek Adjust import to handle scanned subtiers
2010-08-15 donnek Completion of scantiers
2010-08-14 donnek Fixes to sed_joinlines