descriptionAutoglossing for CHAT files.
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2014-03-24 Florian Breit EOL of files in florian/ from \r\n to \n, and removed... master
2014-03-09 Florian Breit Current versions of files in florian/
2014-03-09 Florian Breit - Fixed array indices called without quotes.
2014-02-11 donnek Edits to cylist
2014-02-11 donnek Merge branch 'mybranch'
2014-02-11 donnek One file
2014-02-11 donnek Various edits
2013-08-03 donnek Other stuff
2013-08-03 donnek Cognate, clause and insertion work
2013-01-25 donnek List of files to be reglossed
2012-07-28 donnek Clause analysis improvements. Mixed model improvements.
2012-07-28 donnek Florian citation
2012-07-27 donnek Disso scripts
2012-07-27 donnek Talkbank packaging
2012-06-26 donnek Improve mixed model. Delete classes of words. Silence...
2012-06-18 donnek Mixed model analysis
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